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Television News, the concepts of news value and the institutional structure of the editor and reporters has been developed from the newspapers and radio news publications. Examination Types The sketches and situation comedies are the theater origin from the directions of musical and variety; These are first arranged for television for the radio. Figure 6.2 The sequences that we follow in Turkish televisions are produced in the “text” they can read the television viewer.

The traditions of the cultural norm and traditional structures are significantly related to both cultural norm and structure. They are repeated in any figure of traditional structures. These are the elements that are used in a particular type of diagnosis and the elements in the previously posting and species. These traditional structures; The character includes elements such as stories, media, costume and decor, music,> fl> k, dialogue, visual form. It’s a news that

On the basis of the program in the program, on the features: primarily the anonse is traditional in a dramatic music effness of the news. One or more news announcers are seated side by side; What very young is very young (usually 30 to 55 for men, between 25 and 45 years of age for women); A desk in the studio, a computer connection, a deck of a paper and the rear of the spiker, or in the back of the spiker, or the figures were a fictitious clipboard; It is straight to the fact that it is becoming. As a visual form, there are general attraction, and then reducing the shooting scales. Slightly change the narrative of the narrative: Let’s get a dramatically foundation – detached locations; The news announcer is very young (16 YAFL) and you are accented. The shots are either too far away or so close. These z> t samples are possible to serve. It has specific features or similar history-customs for relatively easy to follow a type of viewers. Such traditions ensure that the audience easily understands the understanding of the mass and follow similar layouts. and dance as in musicals. However, television programs can show different approaches, vary traditions and can be cared with other species to improve new species and traditions. The codes of the species and traditional structures in a society in a particular time, the values ​​of a certain time, social norms and beliefs are reflected; but they are not fixed or uncovered. Type concept> Periodic, cultural and traditionally changed to change. Types and traditions are changed as cultural developments. We may not see the next year that we can see as “normal” “acceptable”. For example, we can make a connection to the most of the women’s positions in the community.

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