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In Hold’em, the player must collect the best five-card combinations from the two cards and five common cards.

First, the player sitting behind the distributor is small blind bet – the minimum bet on the minimum bet, the player will pay the minimum bet on the minimum (big blind bet).

Each player takes two cards off (OFF). These are so-called (mobile cards). These are the only cards that the player takes individually. These cards will create a combination or “hand” with five common cards to be distributed in the next rounds of the game. At the beginning of the game, the compulsory betting operation occurs even before the cards are distributed.

It is not yet common card on the table and are called pre-flop to the players’ mobile cards already received. At this stage, players do their first bets. Or they refuse to continue the game – they fold their cards if their cards are not very good (pass passes). You can accept the bet in your front or upgrade if available. Good Cards … If you raise the bet, players either accept (calls) or refuses to play more (withdraw). Then the bets are added to the crucible and the next stage of the game begins – flops

Flop is a situation where three common cards are placed on the table. Now you can create a card combination using your closed cards and common cards. For example: You are holding a pastor and a valet. Flops distributed a common seven, nine and vale on the table. Now you have a pair of Jack. The second round tour begins. Again you can bet (see), you can increase (increase) or pass (draw).

The river – the fifth general map appears on the table. The last betting round. After that, players who have opened their cards and who has gained. The player with a stronger card combination takes the entire pot.

Regulations – Indicates the current size of the blinds to the next increase in the blind, and the size after the increase.

In the collaborative game, the new game is replaced by a button with a button, allow you to request a draw from your opponent in a common game.

Points are only given for the winners against opponents (no points for raffle and win on the computer).

ELO rating system, ELO coefficient – Method of calculating the relative forces of players in games in which two players participated. This rating system has been developed by Hungarian-American Physics Professor Arpad Elo.

In your personal account, you can set additional information about yourself, upload a photo, you can change your password, and you can also store your personal correspondence with other registered players.

You can play as you register as a guest. After registration and / or authorizing, you will be able to send private messages to personal space and other players that will have access.

A name to sign up (at least 3 characters) and a password (at least 5 characters) are sufficient to enter. If you are already registered in this game, you will need to choose another name.

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