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From this point, a television is a corporate history narrative and draws a component picture of culture. When evaluating a television program, it should also be considered as economically, political, technological, artistic, corporate, cultural elements. The programs in the television are the parts of a single text involved in an entire condensation. In the television, we need to evaluate many images and sound messages in the television as a part of the same whole. This program is in a rooted effect with each other. Television programs are called certain categories. The television programmers shows continuously on the concept of typing. The approaches and terms related to the types on the television are united by radio, cinema, literature, theater and other cultural forms. Both the culture of the types of the species and the cult

REL has traditions related to the norms of the norm and structure. These traditions ensure that the audience is easily understanding the mass and follow similar arrangements. Traditions create program formats, sub-types, general properties, character types and event braids. The character, history, media, costume, decor, music, media, media, costume, decor, music, media, dialys, visual forms in traditional structure have ideological meanings and are reinforced with repetitions. Type concept> Periodic, cultural and traditionally changed to change. One period may indicate the next period, and the traditions of the next period seen as “normal” or “acceptable” can vary. The representations are also required to have the power of individuals and have the power to influence the action and are also questioned because of the ideological content. It becomes a part of the United Kulticulture from the culture that is found within the representations and internalized. In the inflammation of social reality, it plays an important role in which figures and rapid rares in social abodes and social institutions. The television is a representation system. Many forms of the television representation in television programs are based on the cultural – intellectual reference frames of the citizens of the citizens of the citizens and their stories. An representation of television in television is affected by the algae filters of television-mak filters and is visible to the algaver lenses of the viewer. In this process, it is important to use the samples of the culture in which the program in which they are in and the use of their styles, costumes, problems and language. The acceptance of the manuscript is connected to the perception of images. The television audience is formed with the meaning of representation. In this way, stereotypes are important. The television is full of streotypes that are strengthened by the world-related messages around the world. Cultural beliefs and values ​​have major impact on the others of the stereotypes related to the others of the stereotypes related to the other. The hegemonic struggle on the television representations further strengthens the stereotypes.

S> Nayal> m 1. Which of the appreciation is an expression that is wrong with the culture? a. Every culture would like to create a compliance. b. Culture is the total accumulation of examples of a group of people. c. He wants to accept culture, norms and values ​​to all members of the community. D. Culture remodel; These thicknesses are further stated with social impact.

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