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It is also included in Andy thanks to the rejection of the prisoners that will take several weeks out of prison to a roof repair. In one of the studies on the roof, Andy, who helped a legal issue of the Baisgardiyan Hadley, asks him to take cold beer to their friends in return. This is the first miracle of Andy …

It is obvious that the film is full of religious submission. Already an indication of Andy’s often even in the crux position.

It is one of the moments of the movie’s most obvious moments of the christian reading, the cold beer of prisoners on the roof. He has made a miracle to the oppressed people under the cruelty. With Red’s expression there, where the walls appeared there are all of them to feel that they are free.

Will perform his second miracle after a while. The closed circuit of prison rests the music publication without trespassing to the prisoners (a section of Mozart’s’ Figaro’s Wedding). Another miracle is also a rich library to Shawshank …

When you look through this window, he has a sin nest managed by a principal that has not reduces God from his mouth, but as far as we understand, as far as we have understood bad deeds under the religion Kisvey. The authority of personally was stinked. In a leading personality of Jesus andy, Andy makes it around ‘to their’ apostles’ (to his friends) and believes. Andy gives them hope. It attracts a lot of pain but performs a variety of miracles and allows them to cling to them. Of course, there is also usefulness that the salvation is in the Bible.

The construction of the inmates of the Rita Hayworth is one of the 1946 construction of Hollywood legends (the date in which Andy enters the prison of the prison) more points to an altemet of the film. On this stage, we see that the prisoners are enthusiastically watching the scene where Hayworth appears in the film. In the film, Gilda’s casino owner husband, the man with the right arm, “new bird in the cage”, namely introduces his wife. However, Gilda is one of Johnny, will cheat on it and fly it from the cage (don’t you think it is manidar?). Andy asks that the Rita Rita is not able to bring Rita Hayworth by bringing everything in. Red will bring a great poster of Rita Hayworth to Andy

There is only one activity that synchronizes and entertains all of them in prisoners and forgetting the environment: watching the movie. The cinema gives them hope. Indeed, the love of cinema will perform Andy’s escape!

The process starting with Gilda and Rita Hayworth, under the film, under the film, also providing respect for the power of the cinema. The inmates are refuge in the cinema and they can only escape from their troubles. It is the only thing they enjoy to do together in bulk is the movie watch. Before in the freedom of Andy, Rita Hayworth, then Marilyn Monroe and at the end of the cinema goddesses such as Raquel Welch will help the posters already!

With the prison manager discovering Andy’s banking genius, he brings him to Andy a relative comfort to Andy to began to perform their dirty financial affairs. However, one of the new ‘fresh fish, one of the new’ fresh fish coming to Shawshank in one of the day, will come out like a messenger.

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