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From the Cabi Tarık region, the major commanding of the Spain to the Islamic territory is followed by the Tarik Bin Ziyad’s Fethi of the Endulus of the Endulus, Spain to the Tarifa and the Spain Tarifa. After a 45-minute ferry gidden day to schedule and move to Seville. (210 km) After arrival, Sevilla city tour. During our tour; Plaza de Espanya, Maria Luisa Park, Guadalkebir River, Sevilla Ulu Mosque, while surrounding in the church, which has been surrounded by centuries, which is the largest cathedral of Spain, and Hiralda, which is still standing in Seville Cathedral and the minaret of the Mosque, which is still standing and the minaret of the mosque. By Muslim masters, we know the Alkazar Palace squares using Islamic art by Christian Kings, Santa Cruz Historic City Texture, Muslims. In our hotel in the evening accommodation.

After breakfast in the city tour we will do; Plaza de Espana (Spanish Square), Europe’s first city botanical parks, Maria Luisa Park, Guadalquivir River, Golden Tower, while surrounding the Church, while surrounding in the church, which has been surrounded by a hundred years, the largest cathedral of Kristof Colomb has become the largest cathedral in the grave of Kristof Columbus. Sevilla Cathedral is the minaret of the Ulu Mosque, while the bell tower is between 104 m high Giralda and Muslim Masters, Alkazar Palace in Alkazar Palace using Islamic Art. After completing our trip, we are going to Cordoba for another unforgettable stage of our tour. In Cordoba (Kurtuba), which is the capital of inendulus seashevis; It is one of the main works of Islamic architecture and started in 785 to the construction, but after the fall of Endulus, and after the fall of Andalusia, we are traveling to Cordoba Mosque that still protects its splendor. A large part of the Cordoba mosque in the UNESCO list is protected by its original state. The marble has the most beautiful Mihraba on the world, adorned with gold and gums. Thirty-two thousand personality mosques consisting of 1013 columns are present after the irritation of Christians are currently 856. 5. Carlos legal Sultan Süleyman makes a cathedral in the middle of the mosque in the middle of the mosque to give the message in Europe. The “Kauba” tree is used in the construction of the colonies in South America. We are moving to Granada after the navigation we will do in the old town of Cordoba. Overnight stay and dinner in the Granada

We are starting on the Alhamra trip, which is the artefact of Islamic art after breakfast we will get at the hotel. In a flat on a hill that dominates GIRNATA, a pearl in unique beauty in the walls of the defense castle and palace. As red tile is used on the walls of red brick, red tile, according to another rumor; In the name of Muhammad’s beards, Alhamma is called “red”. Once the people of I. Muhammad, I. Muhammad is awarded “There is no victory other than Allah” on all of Allah. In the palace, it also has a record with this statement about 10 thousand times. In 1238, the basics were thrown in the palace; With the pool, Eyan, the lion, we will travel in the palace in the palace in the V.Carlos period in 1492 of the Garden, Acceptance Halls, Gorgeous Palace Rooms and Endulus in 1492. After learning the sad story, we move to Ronda regarded as the last stop of the EMEVs. Overnight stay and dinner in Granada.

Movement to Malaga at 09:00 after breakfast. Transfer to the airport at 11:00 after a short city tour on arrival. Following the check in operations, the flight to Istanbul at 13:10 with THY’s TK1306 expedition. Arrival in Istanbul at 18:20. The end of our services.

Turkish Airlines Air tickets to Istanbul / Malaga / Malaga – Istanbul

Spain requires a visa. No visas required for Morocco but at least 6 months of travel is required passport.

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